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  VoIP Gateway



Soundwin has achieved seamless interoperability with softswitches, SIP Proxy servers, H.323 gatekeepers ,H.323/SIP Gateways and IP Phones and call agents of leading VoIP vendors

Soundwin products perform all required IP telephony tasks in one small enclosure. They code the voice signal and then compress, packetize and manage the flow of digital voice/fax information to permit high-quality and reliable communications over any TCP/IP network.

Soundwin Products were designed to support both H.323 and SIPstandards so that can be integrated with existing telephones, faxes, legacy PBX and Key systems and LAN/WAN equipment such as bridges, hubs, routers and switches. These characteristics enable gradual and strategic implementation within virtually any telephony/data network.

Soundwin products and solutions offer a set of telephony and network features that provide one of the best price-performance product offering in the market. In addition to high-quality voice transmissions, Soundwin products offer the features required to interact effectively with the PSTN. more detail