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The core of the network solutions is the products and partners, we alliances with the world-class partners and high grade equipment to meet customer prosessional needs.
ZTE Corporation

ZTE Corporation, one of the most famous and major telecom equipment manufacturers in China includes products of 3G mobile platform, NGN and IPTV.
We are promoting their Video Conferencing equipemnt for enterprise customer

Cable & Wireless Cable & Wireless is one of the worldˇ¦s leading international communications companies
We provide IT outsourcing service in HK
PCCW PCCW Limited is the largest and most comprehensive provider of communications services in Hong Kong and one of Asia's leading players in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT).
We offers IT project-based services in some Asia country.
New World Telcom NWT has evolved from a traditional telecom carrier into a next generation IP and telecom service provider offering a wide spectrum of customer-focused, innovative and quality communications solutions, digital media and managed services, including broadband, IP telephony, VPN, IPLC, for its customers and business partners in Hong Kong, Greater China and beyond.
We are one of the system integrator to provide HK-PRC cross-border solutions

Vanguard Vanguard Managed Solutions (Former Motorola Network Group) offers a full range multiservice access devices scalable hardware and platforms, modular software and application-specific systems
We are one of the qualified system integartor to provide complete network solutions
Cisco Systems Cisco Systems is the worldwide leader in networking systems for organizations of all sizes, offering solutions that fully support enterprise-wide deployment of networked business applications.
IDTeck System IDTECK is a diversified technology and manufacturing leader of security products :
control technologies for buildings, homes and industry. The company's quality products, integrated system solutions and services make life safer, more comfortable, more secure, and productive in every corner of our world.

VegaStream Systems VegaStream's VoIP gateways enable service providers and business customers to rapidly deploy and profit from lower telephony costs and improved productivity across their organisations' HQs and remote offices.
We are the distributor of Vegastream products in HK and southern part of China

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